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pet people are my favorite people

and I LOVE writing useful, practical (and ok, sometimes super fun) content for them 

What I Offer

I write blog posts about:

  • Pet Products: reviews, roundups, and in-depth evaluations of the latest pet gear 

  • Pet Health and Wellness

  • Pet Nutrition

  • Dog and Cat Breeds

  • Pet Training

  • Pet Behavior and Psychology

I deliver content that is:

  • Accessible and conversational  

  • Well-researched with links to reputable sources

  • SEO-optimized

  • True to your brand

  • Enhanced with original photography

  • bolstered by interviews with practicing veterinarians, certified trainers,and pet behaviorists


More about Liz 

owner with white cat

I've been writing in the pet niche since 2018. As a proud "pet parent" myself, I have a solid grasp of what makes this delightful audience tick—and the unique language that they speak.

I'm also familiar with the top pet industry brands, foods, gear, and gadgets (with room to keep discovering, of course, as the industry evolves).


One of my favorite things is putting pet parents in touch with practical, enriching tools to improve their lives and the lives of their pets.

On a personal note: I make my home in Western New York with two cats, two birds, and (arguably) too many plants. When I'm not slamming the keyboard, I enjoy eating tacos or watching The Great British Baking Show with my family. I'm happiest when I can do both at the same time.

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Image by Fabian Gieske
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